‘multi-colored buttons: the best of el-tin fun’


Jason E. Lambeth, a partner in crime and one of my oldest friends, has been recording songs as el-tin fun for over ten years now. To commemorate, he has released a best-of compilation called Multicolored Buttons, which is fantastic.

It’s extra fun for me because he picked a few songs that I contributed to: I played the melodica on ‘Polka Dots on the Horizon,’ guitar on ‘Yr Pink Lungs,’ and theremin on ‘Pink Nativity.’

Ten years ago marks one of the happiest memories of my short life, when I was lucky enough to help produce the first el-tin fun record, music to garden to. _Jason camped out on my couch for a week and he and I and a parade of collaborators knocked it out and had a ball.It really is amazing how much Jason, one of the most productive people on the planet, has accomplished since then. In addition to the volumes and volumes he has produced as el-tin fun, he plays music with lots of other groups, is a gifted visual artist, and has become quite the family man. Keep up the good work, Jason.All that’s left to do now is sit around and wait for the twenty-year compilation.

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